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For Perth Diesel Engine Injectors in Western Australia you have to choose the best quality injector mechanism. Ron Bell has searched far and wide for quality injector systems and has chosen the highest quality diesel engine injectors to suit all models including Cummins®, Detroit® and Caterpillar®. Ron has available for selection throughout Perth:

Cummins® N14 Diesel Injectors and Cummins M11 Diesel Injectors

Detroit® 12.7 Litre Diesel Injectors and 14 Litre Detroit Engine Injectors

Caterpillar® C12 Diesel Injectors and CAT® C15 Diesel Injectors and CAT® C16 Diesel Injectors. 


Technical Information - Diesel Injectors Perth

Choosing the right quality diesel injector isn't always straight forward. 

Direct Injection: Diesel engines have injectors mounted at the top of the combustion chamber. The injectors are activated using one of two methods - hydraulic pressure from the actual fuel pump, or through an electronic signal from a designated engine controller.

Hydraulic pressure activated injectors sometimes produce harsh engine noise. Fuel consumption is about 15–20% lower than indirect injection diesel injectors. This extra noise is generally not a problem for industrial or constructional uses of the engine, but for general automotive usage, many buyers have to decide whether or not the increased fuel efficiency would compensate for this extra noise.

Electronic control of the fuel injection transformed the direct injection engine by allowing much greater control over the engine combustion.

Bells have an enormous range of quality brand new diesel injectors for all makes and models. We are the biggest supplier of diesel injectors in Western Australia. Current stocks include Cummins®, Detroit®, Caterpillar®, John Deere®, Ford®, etc etc. 

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    For diesel injectors in Perth including Cummins Injectors and CAT Injectors in Perth then these guys are the best by far!

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    For all diesel injectors in Perth we choose Ron Bells Engines for parts.

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